Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Paducah Kentucky

I just returned from serving as one of the three judges who awarded the prizes for the quilts at the Paducah 25th Anniversary Show. The museum displayed 24 of the past quilts and many of the makers were able to attend and be recognized at the awards banquet. A portion of the museum's collection was also on display and I was pleased to see my quilt "On Wednesday Morning" on display. It is always nice to visit one of your quilts and see it in the beautiful surroundings of a museum. I was able to spend part of Monday with a group of Wisconsin Quilters who graciously invited me to join their motor home trek to Hancock's and other fabric sales as well as having lunch at the famous Patti's 1860 restaurant. I didn't take photos of the Paducah show but here is the speciality of Patti's a 8 inch coconut cream meringue pie (back view of Lemon meringue is across the table seen here as a white mountain).

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Alliance For American Quilts Crazy Quilt Contest

This is my 16 inch square quilt that will be submitted to benefit the  Alliance For American Quilt. This and many others will be auctioned on eBay later this year.
Look for the Alliance on the web or in a major quilt conference in your area.  The contest is open to all but should reflect a crazy quilt style. I couldn't resist doing one of my fantasy faces using left over fused fabrics. Buttons and stitching add to the embellishment of the block. 

Fabric Self Portrait

Fabric Pictures or Self Portraits Class students will design a fabulous face using a self image as a starting point. As you can see in the six quilts shown here the faces became 
male and funky and fun. Pierre, Maurice, Monty, Pablo, Elvin/URA star, Jack/Joker
are titled top left to bottom right. Send me a comment or question regarding this class.