Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yellow Page

My initials are YP, I have had experiences where people ask for last name, I answer Porcella, then first initial, I answer Y and the comment back to me is "because we need it". The letter Y obviously when spoken becomes "why". I made this quilt in response to the Why P conflict. I used Mistyfuse to fuse each panel to the batting and machine quilted each panel finally adding the border. An old favorite yellow silk blouse with 25 tiny yellow buttons done the front finally became too labor intensive to wear, buttoning each button. I cut up the shirt, wet each piece, sqeezed out the water, ironed it to maintain the wrinkles, fused this to maintain the wrinkled fabric, then used this "new fabric" for the borders.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Victory Garden

Louise Schiele asked 14 artists to make a 7" x 24" panel for a group quilt that will be auctioned off this summer to benefit 12 Voices SAQA artist exhibit. We could choose a fruit or vegetable for our panel. Louise asked that it be colorful and fun. She will join the panels together and do the machine quiltig. "U Pick Em" is my entry, lovely cherries ripe for picking only to find out the birds have had the first taste. To see all the submitted panels.