Sunday, January 10, 2010

Holiday Distractions

Well they are over, decorations put away (the last ones done today at church) so I guess it is time to get back to the job of being an artist. I am preparing silk kits for a fabric painting class this week for a guild and it is such fun to get all the materials out an then trying to see how well they will fit in my car. Driving does have its perks but a trunk is only so big. I go from my lecture and class on to another venue of a lecture. Then home again to put it all away. We will be doing my silk embellishment class that uses burned silk, the subject of my 1994 book Colors Changing Hue. Still a great technique with such varied results. I spent the last few weeks learning how to use my new Mac Book Pro laptop and transferring my power point presentations to that computer. Wow the images look so good on a larger screen. My former travel computer was a small PC with a small screen.

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