Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March and the color Red

It was such fun to go out to breakfast with my friend Kay. My appetite is coming back and I had a beautiful cream cheese stuffed french toast covered with blueberries and strawberry sauce. I just sat there and enjoyed looking at the lucious colors; then I ate the whole thing! My red outfit was perfect for the day as I still experience hot and cold periods: off with the jacket, on with the jacket.The hat is essential to cover my bald head. Suzanne Staud, artist supreme, invited us to visit her studio to look at the artwork she is preparing fora local gallery exhibit. What a fun morning. Too bad you all can't come to Modesto on March 13th to attend The Chartreuse Muse opening exhibit : Pets and their People. Great title for a 4 artist exhibit. www.TheChartreuseMuse.com or www.staudesign.com

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