Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dona Nobis Pacem

I made this a few years ago, just reusing images from church banners. Today it is being framed for a donation to a chapel. I am excited about it being in a place of devotion. Question is can you translate the Latin?


Barb said...

It's "Give us peace", isn't it? It's wonderful--just like all your other work. You're such an inspiring artist.

Annelisa said...

Yes, yes, YES! "Grant US Peace"!

And, how wonderful that I should find you as I search the internet for "Dona Nobis Pacem globes!

I had thought your quilt was for your Peace post :-)

Nevertheless, it is a striking piece of art, and I wish you peace!

Annelisa said...

A year later, and I'm searching for 2011 peace posts for Blogblast4Peace...and I return here, still enjoying your lovely work of art! :-)