Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yvonne Porcella Bold Strokes Exhibit information

This quilt, never shown in a public exhibit will be on display at my exhibit in San Jose, CA. It is big an bold!


mtabar said...

Hi Yvonne, Those quilts are great-I hope you are feeling great.One of your quilting fans-XOXOXOX

Therese May said...

On behalf of the Studio Art Quilt Associates, I would like to express my appreciation to Yvonne Porcella for having the intelligence, foresight and courage to begin the organization that has made it possible for so many quilt artists to develop their voices as artists using the quilt medium. You were, for sure the catalyst that made a difference!

This organization started with just thirteen people sitting in a circle in Atlanta Georgia at the Connell Gallery in October 1989 discussing the need for a professional forum to promote the art quilt. Now, it has grown into an amazing network of 2,500 passionate SAQA members who actively pursue careers in the medium today.

I remember sitting with Yvonne and Kathleen Sharp at Yvonne’s kitchen table in Modesto sorting a bulk mailing of one of the first basic black and white newsletters for SAQA. Now, members receive a beautiful full color journal which is mailed out quarterly as well as an annual Portfolio catalog of member’s work, which is available on the SAQA website.

The idea behind SAQA was to promote the art quilt to museums, collectors, galleries, dealers and publications and to develop a High level of professionalism by educating emerging artists in documenting and promoting their own work and to help educate the art world in understanding the medium.

As an organization SAQA helped break through the barrier to the appreciation of quilts whether traditional or contemporary. Now, more people respect and understand the concept of the quilt on the wall and are much closer to accepting it as art.

Because of SAQA, many quilt artists have their work exhibited in museums and galleries, and included in public and private collections.

The SAQA website is phenomenal. There is something for everyone; I believe one could develop a whole career just by pursuing the opportunities on the site. It is a community of Spirit, support and inspiration.

Wow! Yvonne, Thank You for planting the seed that has grown into a mighty oak tree! said...

Big and bold and beautiful. I only wish I could be there to see it in person. said...

Big, bold and beautiful. I only wish I could be there to view it in person said...

Thank you for being you. I have been in awe of your work since the 80's and finally have the chance/sense to find my way into your world. I simply adore your art.