Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What Have I Been Doing ?

 I make art of all kinds. I usually respond to call for donation pieces as it is such a blessing to be in the
studio and creative. These shoes will be auctioned off in May to benefit Women's Heart Health from the
www.kickoffyourheals.com fundraising effort. Heart Soul is the title of my entry. Neon 4" heels size
six, just perfect for an non wearing pair to decorate. Besides who would wear a neon pink pair of shoes? No one in my circle of quilt friends.

 Q A at Twenty will be auctioned off next November as a
fund raising for the Quilt Alliance contest. This year they
are asking for 20" squares to honor their anniversary. 

The Mocha Tree another entry for Quilt Alliance November
Auction. This tree or something similar lives in my
back yard. For 20 years my view is of forest. My
style of quilts is usually bright colors. 

Ah, my special quilt. It  has been hanging at the Carnegie Arts Center in Turlock since
last April. The director liked it so much she hung it in the gift shop. I have it back to
photograph it and enjoy. The design was inspired by Las Meninas. 

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