Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It is possible for me to use only two colors in a quilt?

This is my design wall in my studio I have a flannel quilted
grid fabric on the wall. I can pin my work in progress or finished quilt onto the flannel and take a candid photo. My husband came into my studio when this piece was on the
wall and he said "You only used red and white? I didn't know
you could do that." "I'm Misty For Red" 50" x 50" was made
for the IQA 2014 Houston Festival exhibit "Ruby Jubilee - Celebrating 40 Years". Red has always been a favorite color and some of the fabrics in this piece are from my 30 stash of
collecting fabrics. I made three panels using MistyFuse to
attach the cut fabrics to a white background. I have used a
heart image in many of my quilts so I began there, each panel was machine quilted and joined with sashing. So many of the
fabrics in this quilt bring back memories, a trip to Germany,
a used pillow case, a recycled silk shirt.
I have not heard if this quilt was selected for the exhibit, traditional, antique and contemporary quilts were invited to
entry. I will never make a "Dear Jane" quilt but I do admire the skill and dedication to make one.

Detail of my red fabrics.

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