Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Updating a few images to my blog

 "Illusion" 36" x 36" made for California Cancer
Center in Modesto CA. My oncologist invited me
to create a wall quilt visible to all the patients who
come for cancer treatments. I painted the background canvas, added more paint highlights, and fused the foreground silk shapes. I think of
cancer treatments as a journey, we look in the mirror and see who we think we are, we don't see
the cancer but know it is all an illusion, the cancer lurks but hopefully will leave or become dormant.
Hope springs eternal!
For dinnerateightartists exhibit Reflections, to be displayed at IQA
Quilt Festival in Houston this fall 2014. My 24" x 60" panel "Primarily
Water" is a reflection of our California drought, we think water as
something that will always be there, bodies of water held behind dams from the mountains, flow to make our valleys fertile. Without water our golden
hills soon turn to red, high fire danger warning are posted, red fire trucks
station themselves, ready to roll when smoke appears. Some of the fabrics
in this piece are hand painted, others bits and pieces of silk.
"Paris 1866" silk fabrics 16" x 16" detail of a memory
seeing Manet "The Fifer" at Musee d'Orsay in Paris and
again at the Met Museum in NYC. It is a powerful image,
one that I could not copy but tried to capture the essence of
a young boy in a soldiers uniform ready to join the parade
with his fife. This piece was sold during an exhibit at the
Carnegie Arts Center, Turlock, CA

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